Dusting off the workbench

February 3, 2011 by Merlin

Dusty workbench

It has been two months since the last decent post on this blog. We’ll try hard not to do that again. All we can say in our defense is that we were working on the Symbian mobile application for our weather service and some other projects (check the references). The mobile app is almost done and you can view what the fuss is all about on a short, but visually descriptive presentation.

If you’re interested in about finding out more about the app and be notified when it’s published, be sure to visit its page and leave an email.

Header photo credits.

Kad će Kiša new website – the geeky stuff

October 28, 2010 by Merlin

Kad će Kiša homepageToday is a special day for us. Yes, we’ve redesigned and set the new course of our first company’s project, weather forecast Kad će Kiša. But beside that, there are a few technologies and draconian decisions we’ve used for the first time.

  1. First, you can’t miss the full screen background image. It’s targeted for the wide screen, but scales gracefully for regular 4:3 or 5:4 screens. No matter how big or small your screen is, there will be no holes – picture is “full screen” in all cases. And it’s all CSS.
  2. The user interface is done in HTML5 and JavaScript (jQuery) and relies heavily on modern trends and features. The forecast is visible when JavaScript is disabled because it is the main information on the site, but complementary content and effects are not available.
  3. There is one particular problem with the first two points – they don’t work in Internet Explorer 6 as expected, so we have decided that we will not support it in this project any more. If you go to the site with IE6 (as some people already have), you’ll get a blank page with a short description why and where to install new and modern browsers. It’s time to move on and leave it to the past.
  4. The server side was created with Python and Django. It is our first Python web project, trying something new beside PHP and ASP.NET.

The site is far from over. It needs some front-end improvements and new back-end features, and we’re working on them. But it’s a good feeling to deliver something new and receive some quality feedback.

Pre-autumn news

August 30, 2010 by Merlin

Hi everyone!

There hasn’t been much activity here during August except for the few funny charts and posters. It isn’t because we were on a vacation (although we would like that was the case), but because we’ve been working hard on two things.

The first one is our website. We have been in a beta state for too long now, but have finally found the time to finish it. The biggest changes are the texts on the pages and some visual improvements in services and people sections. Be sure to check it out and leave a comment (especially if you find some bugs and errors).

GOM screenshotThe second thing we are working on is a Nokia N900 application – a simple and powerful reminder system. The concept name was Ginkg-o-minder, but we decided that the production name will be simply – GOM Reminder. It will be finished very soon and published to the Ovi store at the end of September. The GOM website and more information will soon be available is available.


the Tardigrada team

RSS feed back-end change

July 21, 2010 by Merlin

We have to inform you that we did some changes to our RSS back-end. Those who have used FeedBurner’s URL for their feed agregator are advised to change it to /blog/index.xml or follow the link on the right to the new URL. The old URL will be closed on Saturday.

Tardigrada team recommends the first method because it adds layer of indirection (removing you from the horrors we can do in the future) and you’ll show good programming practices :)

Another one bites the dust

April 29, 2010 by Zoran

So here we are, another blog on the “blogsphere”. Why should you even bother following us, why should you care… Well, we are a young company trying to make a living, oh yeah, and we are based in Croatia (that’s in the SE Europe). If that is not crazy enough than I don’t know what is. We are also primarily software and web oriented, so if you like reading about technology and enjoy scary stories about young enthusiasts trying to succeed in a hostile environment you came to the right place ;)

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