Another one bites the dust

April 29, 2010 by Zoran

So here we are, another blog on the “blogsphere”. Why should you even bother following us, why should you care… Well, we are a young company trying to make a living, oh yeah, and we are based in Croatia (that’s in the SE Europe). If that is not crazy enough than I don’t know what is. We are also primarily software and web oriented, so if you like reading about technology and enjoy scary stories about young enthusiasts trying to succeed in a hostile environment you came to the right place ;)

Now that you’ve been warned lets see about that technology stuff we’re into. We’ve got several areas we will be primarily covering. We’re heavy into web development so we’ll talk about HTML 5, JavaScript, JQuery and all those similar goodies on occasion. But there’s more… on a recent competition we obtained a Nokia N900 and we’re developing a cool application for it so you can expect lots of interesting posts and rants about mobile Linux development. But don’t worry we won’t forget Android and the rest of the bunch. We’ve also got a few mobile webs under our belts so there will be a tip or two about making a web that people can use even while doing 130km/h on a freeway (not that we advise that kind of behaviour in any way ;)). At last don’t hold it against us if we throw in a hitchhiker from the desktop sphere… after all we’re using them every day.

I think I’ve taken enough of your precious time for a simple introduction so I’ll let you get back to the “important” stuff in life. If you got any feedback for us don’t hesitate to scream.

See ya