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Why Tardigrada?

How we came up with the name

At the time when the idea about running our own business was forming in our minds we ran into an article about tardigrades (Latin: Tardigrada) in space. Some scientists sent a couple of our unsuspecting heroes up there with no protection from the UV rays or similar space hospitalities to see whether they'll have a good time. They did, and they came back, alive and kicking. Tardigrada strikes back.

Why we chose that name

Tardigrada embodies characteristics we value and try to improve the most: perseverance and the desire for improvement.

What do they look like

Small animals (about 1mm) that can be found in habitats everywhere, from tropical rain forests and deep oceans to the Antarctic. Ubiquitous and very durable. You can see them in the photos in our gallery or search for more details on Wikipedia.


Tardigrades gallery

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